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  • Returning to the Motherland

    After spending time with mi familia in Mexico, parts of my spirit healed that I didn’t know needed healing. My idea was to spend my late father’s birthday in Aguascalientes where he was born, he would have been 59 this year. Being the spiritual person I am, I felt my Dad’s handiwork over my entire… Continue reading

  • The “X” in Latinx

    It has been in my personal and academic experience that many have a negative idea when it comes to using “Latinx” rather than “Latino/a”. It is important to remember that utilizing either or is up to personal preference and neither choice is wrong. Let us first define some terminology: As you may have gathered by… Continue reading

  • By Us and For Us

    “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas In recent years, the art scene in the IE has improved significantly. The representation and variety of work is aligning very closely with the people who live there. It’s refreshing to have seen this shift take place and even more… Continue reading

  • Why I Still Choose Art History

    When I was attending community college, I took an Art Appreciation course and was immersed in a dynamic world I had very little knowledge of. After talking with my professor, I decided I would be changing my major to art history. I was glad that I made that step for myself, but also dreading that… Continue reading

  • La Invitación

    La Invitación took place inside a vintage art deco building in downtown San Bernardino, California. The event consisted of live music and an art exhibition that featured twenty local Inland Empire (IE) artists; notable performances included singer song-writer, Tom Higgenson and actor-singer Eduardo Franco. The event was successful and engaging in its own right, which… Continue reading