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La Invitación

Flyer created by deladeso

La Invitación took place inside a vintage art deco building in downtown San Bernardino, California. The event consisted of live music and an art exhibition that featured twenty local Inland Empire (IE) artists; notable performances included singer song-writer, Tom Higgenson and actor-singer Eduardo Franco. The event was successful and engaging in its own right, which prompted me to connect with Romulo Casillas, the creative mind that orchestrated the night.

Casillas is a first generation Mexican-American that volunteers and coordinates events for his community. He and his colleagues, Cesar Aguiar and Bernz Rodriguez all worked efficiently to provide an opportunity to exemplify the artistic potential their city has in the right hands. 

This atmosphere of this event paralleled a happening from the nineteen-sixties, which combined skits, music, and art in a social gathering. There were many artists from the Inland Empire (IE) and beyond that were present that night. The public was given common space to enjoy the works while live music filled the acoustics of the building. The stage where the performances took the lime-light conveniently allowed a great view regardless of where you stood.


La Invitación was a catalyst for the IE’s creative-minded folk. Translated from Spanish, “The Invitation” is exactly that; an invitation to the community to take part in networking and socialize with up-and-coming artists. The beauty of coming to events like La Invitación, is that it is an opportunity to collaborate with people who share the same goal of creative out-put in this world. We need more events or spaces like this in the IE. Part of the issue that Casillas wanted to address was that most of these collective soirees are far from the IE; but thanks to the efforts of locals, the possibilities are definitely there.

The Locals Outfitter:

Bernz Media:

Unsound Sunday:


Gallery hall

Casillas wanted to give a special thanks to Paul Conway from PDC Productions and the Stanley Family for lending us their space.

Performance by Dumb Bitches with Internet

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